Sustainable Hotel in the Heart of Malmö

Ohboy is a unique architectural piece brought to life by Siegel, serving as architects, builders, and caretakers. With 31 hotel rooms, Ohboy embodies the essence of modern urban living. We have carefully crafted this space to provide a high-quality, environmentally conscious lifestyle within a dense, green cityscape. Our goal is to find long-term solutions for a life of maximum mobility and numerous benefits.

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When Siegel designed and built Ohboy hotel, we took a holistic approach towards the future of living and staying sustainably in the city of Malmö.

Green Brutalism at Its Finest

Ohboy is a stunning display of green brutalism, seamlessly blending rental apartments and hotel rooms. Raw concrete meets lush greenery on balconies, facades, and rooftops. Each hotel room has its own entrance, fostering a vibrant street life. This building stands as a pilot project for reducing car dependency in the city, tailored for smart mobility focused on cycling, walking, and public transportation.

Utsikt över Ohboy Hotell i Malmö och Turning Torso.

Embracing Sustainable Mobility

Ohboy introduces a range of features that make sustainable stay effortless. From loaner bicycles and delivery boxes to communal gardens and tool stations, our smart solutions offer alternatives to car ownership, enhancing urban mobility without the need for more parking spaces. Our commitment to sustainable transportation is a testament to our belief in creating a greener future.

Cykelverandor och gröna fasader på Ohboy Hotell i Malmö.

Local Artists and Designers

Our hotel’s interior design is the result of collaboration with designers, manufacturers, and material suppliers from southern Sweden. Acclaimed designers Lisa Hilland and Mats Theselius have created bespoke furniture for the rooms, while the beautiful staircase and various interior details are crafted by Branders Snickeri in Kirseberg, using locally sourced ash wood from northern Skåne. The entrée hall of our apartments features a captivating mural by Sara Granér, who also designed the Ohboy logo.

Utsikt över loftrummet på Ohboy Hotell.

Sustainability Through Innovation

We have implemented rainwater collection systems, ensuring that no precious water goes to waste. Through blue roofs and stormwater management techniques, we harness and utilize rainwater for the nourishment of our plants. At Ohboy, we maximize the energy that nature offers, with geothermal heating beneath the building and solar panels adorning the roof.

blåa tak som samlar upp regnvatten på ett hotell i Malmö

Ecological Harmony

Even within a dense urban environment, there is room for greenery. Ohboy embraces the concept wholeheartedly, providing generous balcony planters and diverse vegetation on rooftops, facades, and courtyards. This creates abundant biodiversity, benefitting you, the city, and the planet. The building is heated using geothermal energy sourced directly from the property, while solar panels on the roof capture energy for powering the premises.

gröna fasader vid fönstret i Ohboy Hotell

Step Into Your Personal Oasis

Each hotel room at Ohboy boasts a private oasis just outside your door, featuring compact plantings and a wooden deck. During the summer, this becomes an extension of your living space, where the outdoors seamlessly merge with the indoors. Every planter has its own unique tree, providing delightful shade and blossoming beauty in the springtime.

Experience Ohboy, sustainable hotel with modern comfort in the heart of Malmö.