OhMaria's guide to Falsterbonäset

OhMaria Hotell, which is the newly opened sister hotel to Ohboy Hotell, is located in Höllviken. Höllviken is a lovely coastal town. It is of course most beautiful in the summer, but you can also enjoy it all year round. Höllviken opens the way to the entire Falsterbonäset peninsula. Here you will find beautiful nature, historical sights and water activities.

Read our guide and find out what we think are the best restaurants in Höllviken, our favorite places to swim and where to look for the most interesting events.

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Here are our favorite places in Höllviken!

Best restaurants


Märtas Kafé is a cozy café where you can also enjoy a good meal. The daily menu is tailored to seasonal ingredients. There is also a shop. Both places focus on design and experience. There are frequent exhibitions and small events focusing on interior design and art.


Located in the beautiful 1902 Ljunghusen station building, Bar Bistro serves French-inspired dishes. The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy and the dishes are prepared with great care using seasonal ingredients.

The second restaurant is Bar Porto overlooking the Öresund in the picturesque harbor of Ljunghusen. Here you will find fish and seafood in a variety of forms.


The restaurant is located in the lower part of Skanör harbor, overlooking the headlands and the beach. Here you can get everything from a delicious breakfast to a relaxing evening in the bar.


The restaurant combines authentic Texas Barbecue, charcoal barbecue and comfort food. Smokey Barbecue is beautifully located right by the sea in Foteviken.

“Our environment is simple and rustic with a high cozy factor!”

In addition to great flavors, you will also find a musical experience there thanks to the live performances organized.


French-Nordic bistro located on the beach in Falsterbo. The focus is on quality and local products. The restaurant collaborates with the Falsterbo Museum of Photographic Art. They also have a spectacular wine list.


It is a local meeting place with traditions. The restaurant has been around since the 16th century and has been in its current building since 1888. It offers above all good food, a well-equipped bar and a unique atmosphere.

Interested in some art and culture?


Discover the world through a different lens at the Falsterbo Photo Art Museum. Immerse yourself in the art of photography, where every click captures an exciting story. From captivating exhibitions to thought-provoking collections, this museum is a must-see for photo enthusiasts and art lovers alike.


This cultural gem invites you to explore a variety of artistic expressions, from contemporary works to traditional masterpieces. Whether you are an art connoisseur or just curious about creative expression, Falsterbo Konsthall offers a captivating journey through the world of art.


The Falsterbonäset Open Air Museum houses six large bronze sculptures. The sculpture park is the largest installation of classical sculpture in Sweden since Carl Milles. The exhibition extends along the coast of Höllviken, so it’s fun to combine with a longer walk on the beach!


Foteviken Museum is an open-air archaeological museum that shows what life in the city might have been like in the late Viking and early medieval periods. The museum has not only traditional exhibits, but also a reconstructed Viking town with various buildings. The museum also has a Viking ship, which was built from an archaeological find in Foteviken. A week after Midsummer, the museum hosts the annual Foteviken Viking Market, an international event that attracts thousands of regular visitors as well as hundreds of vendors, craftsmen and Viking warriors from all over Europe.

Best beaches of southern Sweden


Discover the coastal paradise of Falsterbo Strandbad, where the sun-kissed sand meets the sparkling sea. Drink coffee in cozy beach cafés, feel the sand under your feet and let the breathtaking sunsets grace your evenings.


Sandy beach south of Höllviken, which is part of the Kämpinge Strandbad nature reserve. Sand dunes and pine forest stretch along the beach. Hundreds of traditional bathhouses are lined up between the forest and the beach.


Looking for the perfect seaside vacation? Then look no further than Skanör Havsbad! With its golden sandy beaches, a charming coastal village, and breathtaking sunsets over the sea, it’s the perfect getaway for beach lovers and anyone who needs a quiet coastal retreat.

For those who enjoy active leisure


Paintball is an interesting entertainment idea for a group of friends, a family with children, a corporate event or even if you want to play alone. A great way to get the adrenaline pumping! Höllviken Paintball Arena is a very popular arena, so it is worth booking in advance.


The location is perfect for anyone who enjoys water entertainment and sports. Activities include windsurfing, wakeboarding and water skiing. “With us, everyone is welcome to experience the excitement and freedom that water sports have to offer.”


In the vicinity of Höllviken you will find a number of golf courses. The choice of a suitable one is reserved for fans of this sport. We can only mention a few.




Cycle paths

With OhMaria as a base, you can quickly reach the rest of Skåne by bike. Along Sydkustleden you can head north up to Helsingborg, or south all the way to Simrishamn.

Click on the bikes in the map below to read more about each route via the link in the description!

Hiking in Skåne


Here in Höllviken connects the network of hiking trails that extend throughout Skåne. On this particular trail you can get to Torup’s beech forest, then on to Hårsjö in the north, to Smygehuk in the south.

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Photo: Felix Sundbäck

Thanks to this application, we can look into the past or into the future thanks to archive photos linked to the phone’s GPS. It also offers tours of galleries, museums, public art and even cemeteries. It’s a really interesting way to explore new places.

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