Ohboy's guide to Malmö

Ohboy bike hotel is located in Malmö’s new and exciting Västra Hamnen district. Here, bold new architecture and the landmark Turning Torso are mixed with beautiful buildings from the past. With a promenade and wooden stairs to the sea, mixed with apartments and small houses, this is a particularly vibrant part of the city. A little off the beaten track, yet close to everything. The central station and city center are five minutes away. The sea and beach are just around the corner, as are supermarkets, restaurants and cafés.

At Ohboy Hotel, Malmö is your living room, and outside the door everything is just 15 minutes away on the bicycle included in each room. In one day you can easily squeeze in a swim at Ribban, a beer at Möllan and a shopping trip somewhere in between. So don’t forget to pack a bit of everything when planning your days here.

Read our guide and find out which we think are the best restaurants in Malmö, our favorite places to swim and where to look for the most interesting events.

Utsikt över piren och havet vid Scaniabadet.
En kvinna går in på en restaurang på cykel i nära Turning Torso.

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Best restaurants in Malmö


Boule courts, good food and drink! Here you can play boules and have a beer, a glass of wine or a full meal! Indoor and outdoor boules courts when the weather permits.


Malmö’s hippest lunch restaurant! The restaurant is located in the old Saltimporten, hence the name. Located at the far end of Malmö’s inner harbor inlet, the former warehouse and office space was built in 1961. Not surprisingly, salt was imported here, but since then the building’s role as a reception center has been played out. It now houses a gallery, start-ups and, of course, the acclaimed lunch restaurant.


Yalla Trappan, a restaurant in Västra Hamnen/Rosengård, is part of a larger women’s cooperative that integrates foreign-born women who need to enter the labor market. Here they serve dishes from all over the Middle East.


At Farm2Table you can drink natural wines and eat plant-based brunch and cakes. The restaurant follows the season and updates the menu a few times a year.


Malmö’s most popular wine bar, with over 300 different wines, is located on Gamla väster with its small, winding and walkable streets. L’enoteca focuses on a sustainable, small-scale and organic selection of wines.


Julie’s cheese and wine bar, also on Gamla Väster. Cozy restaurant with a courtyard, perfect for summer evenings. You can stop by for a glass of wine and cheese, have lunch, dinner or just grab an appetizer to continue your evening in Malmö. They don’t take reservations, but as they say, they can get you a table within a glass of wine or two!


Lokal 17, one of Malmö’s newest and acclaimed additions to the restaurant world. With a focus on local and Nordic ingredients, but with inspiration from Malmö’s multicultural food scene, they create innovative dishes. Open for lunch, dinner and evening drinks!


Newly opened pizzeria near Möllan that has already become an obvious place for Malmö foodies!

Fancy a concert?


This high-class concert hall, home to the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, is located in the newly developed Malmö Live area. Attend concerts, visit the canal-side restaurants, or have a drink in the sky bar at the top overlooking the whole of Malmö.

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Photo: Fredrik Johansson elvanfoto.se

A melting pot of different nationalities


Möllevångstorget, or Möllan as it is popularly known. Here you can find food from all over the world! Either in the shops around the square, or at the daily vegetable market.

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Photo: Fredrik Johansson elvanfoto.se

Where to see the best events?


Malmö’s new arena! Events such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Ice Hockey World Championship have taken place here. Here you can watch Malmö’s own Red Hawks play ice hockey, see concerts or maybe visit conferences!

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Skånes Dansteater is owned by the City of Malmö and Region Skåne, and is Sweden’s only independent dance theater. Here you can see dance performances, participate in dance workshops and much more.


Malmö Opera, designed by architects Sigurd Lewerentz, Erik Lallerstedt and David Helldén, opened in 1944, is one of Europe’s major stages. Here you can see everything from operas to join in the singing.

Photo: © Oskar Falck/Malmö Turism
Photo: © Oskar Falck/Malmö Turism

Discover it yourself


The old railway workshop has been renovated and now houses everything from coffee roasters to graphic designers, beekeepers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Here you can buy jewelry from local jewelry designers, have a cup of coffee from Lokstallarnas Kafferosteri, or just stroll around the old industrial quarters that are typical of Kirseberg where Lokstallarna is located.


The core of the former Malmö’s heyday as an industrial and working-class city. Kockum, SAAB and many others have been here throughout Malmö’s century-long shipyard history. Here you will find everything from brick buildings from the turn of the century to enormous sheet metal halls on a scale that is rare in today’s cities.

The most beautiful parks


Slottsparken, one of Malmö’s major parks and popular walking routes, was created in 1900, having previously served as a military training area for the Malmöhus Hussar Regiment. It was transformed by Danish landscape architect Edvard Glaesel into a varied city park with wooded areas, open grassy areas, seating and lookout points.


Bokskogen in Torup. Perfect for a full day of cycling and walking. Once there, you can visit Torup Castle and Castle Park, or soak up the nature of the beech forest.


On the outskirts of eastern Malmö is Bulltoftaparken. You may recognize the name, this is the former airfield, which in the late 1970s was turned into a park after a proposal by two landscape architecture students. There’s Frisbee golf, walking trails and a connection to the Skåneleden trail.


Pildammsparken is one of northern Europe’s more unique parks. A park in neoclassical style, with strict geometries, but which gives rise to an exciting landscape! Don’t miss the ‘plate’! Clue: Look from above!

Photo: Werner Nystrand
Photo: Werner Nystrand

Malmö's best swimming spots


Kockum Fritid is a sports and leisure facility in Malmö. The facility offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including a gym, group exercise classes, swimming pool, sauna, and sports courts for basketball, volleyball and handball. Kockum Leisure also hosts events and activities for children and young people, and provides facilities for meetings and conferences. The facility aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in the local community.


This 1898 Moorish-style open-air bath is a must visit in Malmö! Sauna, cold bath, massage and restaurant all in one place.


Scaniabadet, or the deep-sea pool as it is also known. There is a deep-sea pool, jetty and sun deck to sit on and enjoy the view of the Öresund, the bridge and the evening sun in the west.

Solnedgång över havet i Malmö .
Utsikt över piren och havet vid Scaniabadet.

Cycle paths

With Ohboy as your base, you can quickly reach the rest of Skåne by bike. Along Sydkustleden you can head north up to Helsingborg, or south all the way to Simrishamn.

Click on the bikes in the map below to read more about each route via the link in the description!

Hiking in Skåne


Here in Bulltoftaparken connects the network of hiking trails that extend throughout Skåne. On this particular trail you can get to Torup’s beech forest, then on to Hårsjö in the north, to Smygehuk in the south.

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Photo: Felix Sundbäck

The best hotel in Malmö!


Experience an urban oasis down in Västra Hamnen in Malmö. Here you will find 31 smart loft hotel rooms that take advantage of every cubic meter of space. The rooms have everything you need for a business trip or a weekend with your family or partner. And outside the door, everything is just 15 minutes away on the bicycle included in each room. In one day you can easily squeeze in a swim at Ribban, a beer at Möllan and a shopping trip somewhere in between.

Cykelverandor och gröna fasader på Ohboy Hotell i Malmö.
Utsikt över Ohboy Hotell i Malmö och Turning Torso.