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Check in at Ohboy hotel is keyless and contactless. A code is sent to you via text message and email before arrival. Use the code provided to unlock the electronic door. The code is valid from 15:00 day of check in. You are welcome to check in after this as well, no reception opening hours to limit your arrival!

Check in earliest at 15:00 the first day of your stay. You are welcome to arrive anytime after this, since check in is keyless and contactless, and your door is opened up with a code provided by text message and email before your arrival.

We do not provide parking at the hotel (except for bikes 😉), but there are plenty of parking garage in walking distance from the hotel:

Directions to parking

We do not provide luggage storage before/after your stay. We recommend the storage lockers at Malmö Centralstation, should you need to store your luggage before check in or after your check out:

Click here fore more info

One (1) foldable bike is included in your booking. Extra bikes can be provided when available, for an added 250 SEK per night.

There are rental bikes at travel shop, near the central station. Provide the campaign code provided in your check-in mail for a cheaper price.

In the rooms there is one (1) double bed that sleeps 2 people, as weIl as one (1) single bed that sleeps one person. An extra air mattress can be provided, 250 SEK per stay. Add this in your booking.

Bed linen and towels for four people are provided.

One room comfortably sleeps:

  • 3 adutls (whereof 2 share the double bed, and one stays in the single bed).
  • 2 adults and 2 kids (one kid sleeps on the extra air mattress, 250 SEK per stay).
  • 1 adult and 3 kids (requires the extra air mattress, 250 SEK per stay.)
  • 4 adults (2 in the double bed, 1 on the single bed, 1 on the extra air mattress, 250 SEK extra per stay)

We accommodate long stay guests, depending on occupancy and season. Send us an email with a booking inquiry at for pricing and more info.

Hammocks are complementary, but only available in certain rooms.

Domestic pets are allowed, an extra cleaning fee of 250 SEK will be debited.

Ohboy hotel is only situated at the ground floor, as close to the city as possible! The rest of the building contains rental apartments. Click here for more info on the rental apartments (not part of Ohboy hotel).


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