Students & Staff at Malmö University!

Book long stay monthly at Ohboy Hotel!

Send an email to with your proof of admittance/employment, to take part of our academic campaign:

9600 SEK/month for students (you can share the loft with a fellow student)

13 900 SEK/month for staff

Sweden fully reopening September 29!


Explore Malmö safely and freely at Ohboy Hotel. 

Each room has it very own door straight from the street, and it’s own foldable bike. 

Stay safe, and move freely with Ohboy! 

Contactless & keyless check-in & check-out!

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An urban oasis for a modern, mobile lifestyle
Designed, built and run by architects.

An urban oasis for a modern, mobile lifestyle
Designed, built and run by architects.

Ohboy Hotell, the worlds first bike hotel!

Welcome to Ohboy hotel! You are now just a few swipes away from discovering an urban oasis in a revitalised former shipyard industrial area of Malmö. 31 loft apartments, where every m3 has been carefully considered. 22-24 m2 divided over two floors. The rooms have everything you need, whether you are on a family vacation or business trip. Outside your door you have your very own foldable bike, which takes you to all parts of Malmö in 15 minutes. In one day you can easily go for a swim at Malmös Ribersborg beach, get a beer at “Möllan” and a shopping tour by bike. So don’t forget to pack for all kinds of activities when you stay at Ohboy!

Loft rooms

When designing the loft apartments, we wanted to showcase Malmö and Skånes local design talent. In every other room, designers Mats Theselius and Lisa Hilland have added their personal touch, designing all the furniture in the lofts. The wooden staircase as well as the loft is made from oak sourced from northeastern Skåne. Together with the exposed massive concrete walls, the warm wooden furniture and details, it creates a quiet, calm and cozy ambiance.

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At Ohboy, Malmö is your living room. With the city literally at your doorstep, you can reach everything in 15 minutes by the included bike. In one day you can visit Ribersborg beach, go out for beers at “Möllan” and discover the unique culture that Malmö offers. 

–> Malmö-guide by Ohboy